Why book a Professional DJ:

Wedding planning can be a very expensive and stressful time and one of the most expensive parts can be your entertainment for the day. Bands can be make a massive dent in your budget and couples can be forced to make cuts to other parts of their plans be it dress, a free drink for guests or honeymoon.

Before you go and make this decision think about what you and your guests would like and what a band or DJ can offer

The right band can be worth the money that is for sure, i had a fantastic band at my own wedding and it really made the day for my guests. I also had a professional DJ after the band which all my guests commented on the next day, he planned all the right songs at the right time which a professional DJ will do. 

Some people will say that any DJ can play at a wedding that its just a matter of putting on a couple of songs but this can be the difference between a good night and an amazing night. The right DJ will not only keep people dancing but they will make the night or day memorable also.

Pros of a Professional DJ

  • Years of experience
  • Knows how to read a crowd
  • A Band has a limited Playlist were a DJ will have 1000's of songs at the touch of a button
  • A band can cost around €2000 for the day a DJ €800
  • Top of the range system and lighting 


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